Right vs Righteous

He was the paragon of perfection. He was the epitome of the Jewish lifestyle well lived. He honored his parents, managed his money well, worked hard six days a week and rested the Seventh. He controlled his anger and was &helli...
by Duane Covrig


Metaphors of Progress and Reform–be careful when you are right

We all work from metaphors or operating “paradigms” about what we think is happening around us. We take the data we see and try to clump things together. Like making a mud ball or snow ball (pick the climate that &h...
by Duane Covrig


Moral Talk: When should I use “but” in a conversation

One time I was listening to some communication experts talking about the need to avoid using the word “but” in communications. They said it tended to negate conversations and unnecessarily create defensive attitudes and oft...
by Duane Covrig