Male and Female, In His likeness

The creation story, God creating Mankind in His own image and likeness, is retold often in the Bible. We need to hear it even more often these days as our identity is hid deeply within that story. In Genesis one …

You Must Increase: The Call of Mutual Submission

John the Baptist was a figure of a powerhouse. He had a miraculous call to prepare the way of the Lord. He did that mission well. Then the Lord came, his job was done. It was time to wind down …
by Duane Covrig


Self-Control, Legalism, or Moral Schizophrenia

“Dad, you’re talking to yourself again,” My daughter chided. I do that to coach myself. I like to use my last name. It was disconcerting to my daughter who shares the same last name. “Covrig, pick up your feet. Keep &he...
by Duane Covrig



Soft and Stern Virtues

Two important moral words to carry around in your moral toolbox are “yes” and “no.” They are the voice of softer and sterner virtues. “Yes” is a much nicer word to say and hear. It is softer,...
by Duane Covrig


Moral Manhood- Eldredge Six Stages & Ethical Learning

John Eldredge has written many books (Wild at Heart, Epic, Utter Relief of Holiness, etc.) designed to help men understand the different stages of life and the moral growth each will give them opportunity to develop. A man can ...
by Duane Covrig