Adventist Pastoral Ordination and Dangers of Being Right without Others

It was one of those life-saving thoughts that creep into a person’ mind and saves them from thinking or doing or saying something stupid. I still remember it. It was as if a switch went off, channeling my mind from … <...
by Duane Covrig


The Sabbath as Moral Healing and Training

In his controversial book, The Righteous Mind, and on several YouTube videos Jonathan Haidt talks about the six main moral values that help frame people’s sense of right and wrong. He notes that liberals tend to focus on ...
by Duane Covrig


Isaiah, God’s Voice to My Soul, and A Voice Against Evolution Ethics

The Bible is the living voice of God to my soul and I hope to yours as well. No other tool has shaped my worldview, my moral development, my wholeness as it has. The Psalms, the Gospels, the words of …
by Duane Covrig