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May 24, 2019

He Saw My Potential

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Written by: Duane Covrig
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He knew I had a heart for him. He saw my potential.

He knew that I would listen to his crazy ideas about “blessed are the poor” and “turn the other check.” He saw my potential.

He knew I would eventually see the 10 commandments as a gift from him to me and not as a demand of him from me. He saw my potential.

He knew, like the disciples He called, that despite our running away, we would eventually return and confirm his belief in his ability to lead us: “my sheep hear my voice and they will follow me.” He saw my potential.

He would spend thousands and thousands of dollars to train me and to educate me and to give me pastors and teachers and bosses and sermons and books and friends and families to give me resources for my personal growth. He saw my potential.

He would give me love, truth, visions of rapture, assignments of grief, tedious work, glorious victories, and smashing failures…. all because He saw my potential.

He saw not only my potential for Good.

But He also saw my deep potential for doing massive Evil.

So He intervened, to prevent the worse and create some good.

What an amazing God! No wonder Mary called him Rabboni!

What else can you say to a person who has done so much to save you from yourself and to give you a taste of His glory?

You bow in humility and gratitude. You say thank you. You ask him, “what now?” And when He says simply to pay it forward and join the joy of His salvation initiative, you say “sounds good.”

Lead Jesus. I choose to follow!! I see your potential.

About the Author

Duane Covrig
I teach leadership and ethics at Andrews University. I am a Seventh-day Adventist eager for the Second Coming of Christ and positive about His judgment hour work (Rev 14:6-12). I use that reality to understand morality and ethics.


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