#2- Desire of Ages/Messiah

Posted  March 5, 2020  by  Duane Covrig

The second most influential book in my life has been Ellen G. White’s (1827-1915) Desire of Ages and Jerry D. Thomas’ amazing paraphrase of that book, Messiah. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOTH. Thomas has done a masterful job paraphrasing White’s classic. … Continue reading

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Duane’s Top Ten Books

Posted  February 1, 2020  by  Duane Covrig

I have been reading books for about 50 years. The next few posts review the most influential books in my life. This list has shifted over time as I have added new readings. I will spend more time on my … Continue reading

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Series: Doing a Christian Ethic of Love from a Bible full of Bloodshed.

Posted  November 3, 2019  by  Duane Covrig

When I present my services as a Christian ethicist, I immediately feel several insufficiencies. My lack of love meter twitches in my mind as lower than desired: Why even talk about a love ethic, when I am so far from … Continue reading

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Christian Influence

Posted  October 9, 2019  by  Duane Covrig

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matt 5:16 This is probably the best single call to… leadership, self-development, vocation, Christian living, Christian influence and the abundant … Continue reading

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Education & Human Development

Risk: Nothing Ventured-Nothing Gained

Posted  May 25, 2019  by  Duane Covrig

A recent post on my favorite blog–Institute for Faith, Work and Economics,– corresponded with my morning devotion. I thought I would share ideas from both. Tim Hoerr’s post on Why Worship Involves Risk shows how it takes initiative and risk … Continue reading

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