Male and Female, In His likeness

Posted  May 28, 2017  by  Duane Covrig

The creation story, God creating Mankind in His own image and likeness, is retold often in the Bible. We need to hear it even more often these days as our identity is hid deeply within that story. In Genesis one … Continue reading

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Investing as a Moral & Social Responsibility

Posted  May 11, 2017  by  Duane Covrig

Solomon was one of the most materially successful leaders of all time. Granted, he had a great jump start–very privileged–in that both his earthly father and his heavenly father gave him lots of resources to get him going…stock piles of … Continue reading

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Through Sorrow to Joy

Posted  May 10, 2017  by  Duane Covrig

There is a lot of learning needed to lead successfully and maybe even more to follow whole-heartily. Doing both well involves moving through sorrow to joy. Both leading and following operate in a social space where courage, deep commitment and … Continue reading

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The Gift of Voice and Self-Distrust

Posted  May 2, 2017  by  Duane Covrig

“Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.” Is 5:21 One of the signs of moral maturity is self-distrust. We have learned we can be wrong, especially when we thing we are … Continue reading

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Burying or Bearing Institutions

Posted  April 22, 2017  by  Duane Covrig

I have gone to or worked in schools, colleges and universities for over 45 years. I have attended church for over 50 years. I have been in a family for all my life. These three great social institutions have sustained … Continue reading

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