Christian Influence

Posted  October 9, 2019  by  Duane Covrig

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matt 5:16 This is probably the best single call to… leadership, self-development, vocation, Christian living, Christian influence and the abundant … Continue reading

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Education & Human Development

Risk: Nothing Ventured-Nothing Gained

Posted  May 25, 2019  by  Duane Covrig

A recent post on my favorite blog–Institute for Faith, Work and Economics,– corresponded with my morning devotion. I thought I would share ideas from both. Tim Hoerr’s post on Why Worship Involves Risk shows how it takes initiative and risk … Continue reading

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Education & Human Development

He Saw My Potential

Posted  May 24, 2019  by  Duane Covrig

He knew I had a heart for him. He saw my potential. He knew that I would listen to his crazy ideas about “blessed are the poor” and “turn the other check.” He saw my potential. He knew I would … Continue reading

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Following Jesus: What to do with the 10 Commandments?

Posted  January 12, 2019  by  Duane Covrig

Andy Stanley is one of my favorite authors, youtube preachers and DVD study creators. He is an amazing communicator. He has lead me to a better experience of God, to love my family and others in a deeper way, and … Continue reading

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Following Well or Eventually

Posted  December 1, 2018  by  Duane Covrig

There is one social competency more difficult than leadership. That is the ability to follow well. It takes deep intellectual and emotional preparation and skills to follow well. A friend told me one time that if a person thinks they … Continue reading

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